Sawn Wood

After sawing, the wood undergoes the process of steaming and after that it is dried in drying kilns. After drying, the wood is further processed by decimation and packing. Drying facilities consist of drying kilns which can dry about 600 m3 of wood a month, and steaming chambers with the capacity of 600 m3 a month.


Production of solid wood furniture

Our production programme consists of: tables, beds, bedside tables, fitted cupboards and chests of drawers and in their production we use the highest quality hardware. For interior pieces we use natural oil finish while for exterior pieces we use ecological varnish resistant to UV rays and moisture.


Production of solid wood panels

Sawn wood produced in our saw mill is further used for production of solid wood panels. These panels are distributed mainly on the foreign market: about 80 % in Germany and the other 20 % in Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Spain and other countries...


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